The Denture Clinic testimonials come from real people who have consented to share their comments about us on our website. They represent a huge clinical raft of dental treatment models and hopefully their testimonials capture the ethos of our practice situated in the heart of the West Midlands.

Some of the patients here have endured years of discomfort with failing teeth, while others have tolerated compromised diets and unstable and unpredictable denture prescriptions.
Thankfully, they have all found a happy resolve at our multi-disciplined practice in North Street, Dudley.

Our reputation goes before us as we have attracted patients from Portugal and Spain, the Highlands of Scotland, North Wales and the southern counties of England.

We are humbled by our continuing success at the Denture Clinic and the fact that we have played a part in quite literally, not just changing faces, but redefining lives with our creative dental work.

We also recommend you read our case studies for more patient journeys and happy outcomes with the Denture Clinic.

“My top denture wasn’t too bad, but the lower moved all around with eating and talking. I’d had the trouble for years – probably since the ‘80s – every time I’d have a bit of tough steak, I was done for. I was a bit apprehensive, but I had two implants and I was absolutely fine. Steve made me the over-dentures for the bottom and a new top set of teeth.

“They are absolutely perfect and the service I had was first class. Nothing was too much trouble for any of the friendly staff.”

Lewis CaringtonRetired waste operative

“I had put up with the floating effect of my lower denture and needed to address the problem. My lower gum had receded so much my denture was pressing down on a nerve and causing me pain.

“Steven explained the benefits of implant-retained dentures and told me it would allow my bite to be opened some more. Since having the implants on my lower denture, I have experienced no more pain.”


“Steven is like family to us, I attend the Denture Clinic after spending nearly four years perusing stories in the papers about Steven’s work. I would never let anything stop me from enjoying a meal out before I had the implants, but things are great now.

“I can have steak, eat crunchy salads and feel free to have anything off the menu.”


“With my story I want to inspire people who are in an abyss because of their teeth.

“I looked for help from the Denture Clinic and it’s been a journey full of professionalism, kindness and thanks go to everyone who played their part in restoring my smile and ability to enjoy life again.”

Jacky StandishProfessional chef

“Things were so bad that if I turned to the right my teeth would still be facing forward. Looking back I don’t know why, but it was a big deal for me to go to the dentists. The prospect of more dental work was foreboding, but from the moment I had my consultation with Steven, I was at ease. It was nothing like I expected it to be.”

CliveRetired sales director

“All I can say is that it has completely changed my life. There’s nothing I can’t eat and the implant prosthetic doesn’t feel false. It’s comparable for me to my own teeth.

“When I first saw my new teeth in the mirror, I thought who’s this person? They looked natural, just like real teeth,”

Sheila HaycockRetired Nurse

“I’d grown tired of living my life around my teeth. I never really stopped going out, but when I did, I was always thinking ahead where I could go to take my teeth out.

“From start to finish it took 14 weeks, but it was worth the wait. When I first saw my teeth in the mirror, I thought they looked just like real teeth. My husband couldn’t believe they were so good. Not to have to keep thinking about my teeth when I’m out is such a relief.”

Vicki BallRetired midwife

I was determined to find an answer and I found Steven Burchell at the Denture Clinic. Everyone here has been so lovely with me.

I could never bite an apple and had to chew very carefully. The bottom denture was all over the place – everything was moving, but the day I had my new dentures I went out and had a steak to celebrate. Steven has done for me what no other dentist has, even the clinic I visited in Budapest.”

Theresa ReardonDental tourist

“But my teeth were a mess. When I smiled you couldn’t see any of my teeth and I was so embarrassed. I not only spoke with my hand in front of my mouth, I ate like that too.

“When I had my new teeth I was so pleased I couldn’t stop looking at them.”


“The implant teeth are great and I can eat whatever I want and go out for a meal whenever I want.

“All the staff were fantastic. I felt so much at ease. The people you meet here say a lot about the place.”

John ClewsDie-sinker

“My dentures were always too loose. Previous dental treatment could never resolve my problems. If I ate out I’d have to order soft options like fish or a pie. I put up with it, but it was a most uncomfortable time.

“We now laugh a lot, smile a lot and enjoy life.”


“The service I have received has been excellent and worth every penny.”

Lynn JonesRetired