Suction dentures

The Ultra Suction System (suction dentures)

Suction dentures look like any other, but a clever diaphragm development to help hold them secure can give the edge over its traditional counterparts.

A small diaphragm seals off a one-way valve under bite pressure, creating a vacuum between the denture and gums.

The result is a ‘clinging’ fit to the soft tissues and improved resistance to any dislodging forces created by eating and speaking.

Denture Clinic ultra suction dentures

Ultra Suction System

Ultra Suction dentures – a tighter fit and no adhesive

For the right person, the Ultra Suction Solution can remedy common denture stability problems without surgery and messy fixatives.

Historically, lower dentures can present stability problems as the jawbone erodes with age. If the gum profiles allow, the harmonious vacuum seal on the mouth tissues created by the Ultra Suction System can resolve stabilisation issues.

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How does it work?
A clever diaphragms principle, triggered by the bite pressure on patients’ gums, creates a ‘sucking’ vacuum between the soft-tissue mouth lining and the prosthetic.

Upper or lower teeth?
The suction device can be mounted in upper or lower dentures and because of its efficiency the size of the acrylic ‘plate’ can sometimes be reduces, improving speech and taste.

How good are they? A testimonial
Our laboratory technicians recently manufactured a second prescription for a patient. We knew the fit was excellent – we use a Biofunctional Prosthetics System (BPS) which helps accurately replicate natural teeth anatomy during the production process – but were amazed when we took a call to inform us they’d been on their initial ‘test run’ with a steak for dinner.

The patient was extremely pleased with the dentures.

Is it popular?
Of all therapies, the Suction Solution option attracts the biggest number of enquiries at the Denture Clinic in North Street, Dudley, West Midlands. We also offer suction cup dentures.

It is for everyone?
Sadly, no. Not all patients have the right gum profile for the suction dentures to deliver a harmonious fit. After an initial appraisal we will be able to inform you if you are a suitable candidate.

Servicing Ultra Suction Dentures
Patients are provided with an easy-to-use “service kit” but annual check-ups are advised even for wearers of full dentures.

Why choose Ultra Suction?

  • These prosthetics can be a more affordable solution for denture stability problems
  • The system can be mounted into a new prescription or during the rebase/reline procedure
  • As with all prescriptions it will help establish an on-going patient/practitioner relationship with regular check-ups
  • Mounted on an upper denture it can sometimes help reduce the size of the acrylic palate or ‘plate’, improving speech phonetics and taste
  • By using a suction denture it is possible for patients to experience a shorter time in adapting to a new prescription, especially in the case of the lower
  • Implant dentistry is not suitable for everyone, neither is it all patients’ first preference. The beauty of this technology from New Zealand is that it offers excellent denture retainer qualities without the initial discomfort of the invasive surgery required for implants

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