Denture stabilisation

Stabilisation of dentures

The Denture Clinic in Dudley is a national champion for denture wearers. We attract patients not just from the West Midlands but from the Highlands of Scotland, North Wales and the Southern counties.

Undoubtedly, the biggest single problem we encounter is poor denture stabilisation.

We believe in the benefits of false teeth and have tried and tested quality controls in place to ensure we always achieve harmoniously-fitting prosthetics.

But no matter how highly skilled our technicians are, or what latest technology we embrace to achieve a perfect fit, implants provide the ultimate solution to hold dentures, at all times, where they should be.

Denture Clinic denture stabilisation

When is denture stabilisation needed?

When any of the following symptoms are experienced, denture stabilisation may be necessary:

  • Sliding or tilting dentures causing oral discomfort and sore spots on gums
  • Uncomfortable wear due to poorly fitted dentures
  • Abnormal oral functions, such as difficulty chewing and interrupted speech
  • Bone and gum tissue shrinkage causing dentures to become mobiles over a period of time

Why stabilise dentures?

Stabilising uncomfortable, slipping dentures improves oral function when speaking and eating, enhances appearance, increases confidence and provides a greater degree of comfort.

Problem-solving coalition

Combining the skills of Practice Principal Steven Burchell DipCDT RCS(Eng) GDC 108353, Denture Clinic’s  implant dentist, Dr Owain Rees BDS, DGDP (UK) DIP IMP DENT (UCL) GDC 61576 and our laboratory technicians, creates a powerful, problem-solving coalition so we are able to tackle even the most challenging of cases.

Traditionally, it’s lower dentures that cause the distress, but often with as little as two dental implants, the problems can be permanently resolved.

We are all team players at the West Midlands based Denture Clinic and we are determined to change your perception of ‘going to the dentist’ forever with the care and service we deliver.

Regularly, the disciplines of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implant retained dentures, denture provision and oral hygiene combine to provide a single solution.

If you’ve failed before to find a satisfactory answer to dentures that tilt and slip, don’t give up. Please, make an appointment with us now. The first consultation is complimentary and we’ll allow plenty of time for you to explain the issues you have.

Implant options

We have a number of implant stabilisation options for either permanently fixed or removable over-dentures and a therapy where we can deliver a complete, permanently fixed upper or lower arch of teeth in a single day.

What can be achieved?

Remember, implant retained dentures can achieve:

  • An excellent fit to your gums
  • A smaller denture base/plate that can improve taste and speech
  • A bite that is comparable to natural teeth
  • Restored chewing function
  • Improved confidence and to be able to live life spontaneously. No more fixatives.

But what if I don’t want implants?

We recognise implant solutions are not for everyone.
High quality, hand-crafted dentures made in our on-site laboratory under the strictest of quality controls can quite literally transform your denture experience.
Occasionally, poorly fitting dentures can be adjusted or relined to also provide a solution.
We’re creative, innovative, caring, accessible and here for you. If you’re reading this, you more than likely need to call us.

Working together – always

We positively encourage our patients to be involved in their treatment plans and we believe that we can become part of your team to make your aspirations happen.

Denture stabilisation problems?