Cosmetic dentures

denture clinic steve burchell

Steven Burchell DipCDT RCS(Eng)

Steven draws on more than 30 years’ experience in all disciplines of dental technology to produce his hallmark “functional, natural-looking teeth.”

Having completed his training as a dental technician and started his own laboratory, Steven enrolled on a three-and-a-half year CDT training course with the George Brown College in Toronto, Canada, to enable him to work in his dental discipline independently of a dentist.

Graduating with honours, Steven undertook a further year’s study under the auspices of The Royal College of Surgeons.

There’s seemingly an impossible amalgamation between glamour and dentures, but these unlikely descriptive bedfellows are increasingly coming together in happy clinical outcomes at the Denture Clinic.

Who would ever consider that anyone could craft dentures that not only function well and are comfortable to wear, but also look stunning? Our dentures are the sum total of years of experience and a no-compromise approach to quality.

With a special interest in cosmetic dentures, Practice Principal Steven Burchell DipCDT RCS(Eng) GDC 108353, founder of the West Midlands based Denture Clinic, writes:

Cosmetic enhancement

Most people never mention dentures and glamour in the same sentence, but I do all the time. I am a champion for denture wearers and have been seeking to break the taboo over this false teeth ‘Beauty and the Beast’ perception for decades.

Without cosmetic surgery, I have seen some of my patients lose ten years of ageing off their faces as I have replaced the natural framework for our features (teeth) with high-quality, hand-crafted, cosmetic dentures. Those ‘transformations’ have at times caught the imagination of the media and been central to building this landmark denture practice with a dedicated team, of which I’m fiercely proud.

We continue to attract patients from abroad – the ex-pats community from Spain and Portugal – and others from the Scottish Highlands, North Wales and the southern counties. Those who seek our help are as diverse as a former SAS mountain warfare specialist, medical professionals, a multi-millionaire with his own jet, and ordinary salt-of-the-earth people from the Black Country.

Denture excellence

People say I’m evangelical about cosmetic dentures. It’s true. And it’s because I know what denture excellence can achieve.

People have come to us with ill-fitting dentures, sunken cheeks and pinched lips and we have been privileged to transform their looks. Can dentures be glamorous? Emphatically, yes! Every week my clinic gives someone a brand new look, a recovered smile and often much more.

The creative power of dentistry

Some time ago Radio 4 highlighted some of the psychological difficulties denture wearers experience. Low self-esteem, embarrassment, fearful of forming new relationships . . . the list was comprehensive and among my patients, some would have related to those powerful emotions.

I am driven by the creative force of modern dentistry to help bring fresh worth into some denture wearers’ lives and to ultimately change the way they live by helping them to embrace life spontaneously.

The Denture Clinic formula is simple: From clinical assessment to denture provision, everything is in-house and it allows me to be fastidious about the quality of teeth we supply.

Implant dentures

In their own right, traditional dentures are a fabulous cosmetic option. Combined with implant retained dentures we can guarantee not only an engaging new smile of your choice but also an end to stabilisation problems.

We can also offer teeth in a day therapy – one of the most efficient and minimally invasive implant options available – which enables a full upper or lower arch of teeth to loaded onto the implants on the same day they are placed.

Denture Clinic cosmetic dentures

Always pushing boundaries

We will never compromise on best clinical outcomes or materials and we are always reimagining what dentures can achieve; always pushing boundaries.

Denture wearers are one of the most challenging dentistry groups to treat successfully, with some presenting some monumental clinical ‘asks’.

They have had a bad deal for years, but here, we are in the vanguard of changing outcomes and hopefully changing some lives for the better too.

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