Denture Clinic new patients

New patients

New patients at the Denture Clinic are always a priority and we love meeting people who want to experience our creative dentistry. We have a great team and a visionary principal, who will personally oversee your patient journey with us. Our aim is to redefine your ‘going to the dentist’ experience forever.

denture clinic consultation

Denture consultation

Our consultations are more than giving you an oral examination – they are about building relationships, understanding your dental aspirations and taking the first step to resolving problems. First consultations are free of charge, our aim is to give you informed choices, not sales-driven purchases.

Denture Clinic practice plan

Practice plan

We have a number of options to help you maintain your dentures and provide the ongoing support we believe is needed to keep your oral hygiene in top condition. Fees range from £7.99 per month for our traditional dentures cover, through to £27.50 per month for the Denture Clinic’s premier Diamond package.

Denture Clinic denture finance

Denture finance

The Denture Clinic is now able to offer you the option of spreading the treatment cost with our 0% APR fixed term patient finance options. Our Denture finance plans could enable you to get the treatment you want right away. Credit subject to status and terms and conditions apply.

quality dentures

Quality dentures

We believe our traditional dentures – hand-crafted in our own lab – are some of the best available. We use the highest quality materials, the most realistic prosthetic teeth and our technicians have been hand-picked because of their exceptional skills. The natural look is the Denture Clinic hallmark.

True2life dentures

True2Life dentures, a new concept in denture provision by the Denture Clinic. Each tooth can be individually shaped and shaded to mimic life-like dentition, even the patients natural gum shade can be matched. This creates a totally realistic aesthetic look almost indistinguishable from real tissue.

Denture Clinic implant retained dentures

Implant retained dentures

The ultimate in solving denture stabilisation problems, implant retained dentures can be absolutely life-changing. You will be able to eat what you want when you want, never need denture adhesives and experience no more sore spots or those ill-timed, embarrassing moments when dentures let you down.

All-on-4 dental implants

All-on-4  dental implants

If you are unhappy with your dentures or suffer from missing or failing teeth then the All-on-4 treatment by the Denture Clinic could be for you. Requiring only four dental implants, the All-on-4 treatment concept can restore a complete jaw of missing teeth, allowing you to enjoy a normal life.

Denture Clinic services - suction cup dentures

Suction cup dentures

Suction cup dentures – our new non-invasive and cost-effective alternative to dental implants. They are secured by their suction mechanism holding onto the surfaces in the mouth. This ‘suction’ removes the need for a fixative and leaves the wearer feeling more confident and comfortable.

denture clinic suction dentures

Suction dentures

The Ultra Suction System (suction dentures) continues to draw the largest number of inquiries to the Denture Clinic. The denture looks like any other, but a clever, one-way diaphragm development that creates a sucking force onto the soft tissues of the mouth can give it the edge over its traditional counterparts.

dentures in a day

Dentures in a day

New dentures can take up to 5 weeks to construct over as many visits. Here at the Denture Clinic, working together with technicians, a clinical technician and dentist we have the ability to produce dentures in just 24 hours. This can be done without compromise on quality in aesthetics, fit and function.

Facial aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics

Denture Clinic now has the pleasure of offering an extensive range of facial aesthetics treatment options and products to our clients. We offer non-surgical solutions including anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers to help our clients optimise their confidence and appearance.

Denture Clinic same day teeth

Same day teeth

For the right person, it is possible for us to fit a full arch of upper or lower teeth in a single day. A highly skilled procedure, it engages the disciplines of our Practice Principal, implant dentist and lab technicians. Quite literally, your smile can be restored in just a few hours. Please call us now for further information.

Denture Clinic cosmetic dentures

Cosmetic dentures

Can dentures be glamorous? Yes, they can and the Denture Clinic has plenty of satisfied customers who have undergone a transformation in their looks. Regularly we’ve been able to turn back the clock ten years or so with prosthetics that properly support facial tissues that had become sunken and pinched.

Denture Clinic partial dentures

Partial dentures

Sometimes referred to as removable bridges, partial dentures are used to span the gaps left by teeth that have been lost. They can be fitted to the lower or upper jaw and are essential for maintaining the long-term integrity of the mouth. Without them, existing teeth can become mobile and compromise the bite.

Denture Clinic chrome dentures

Chrome dentures

Cobalt chrome dentures (CoCr dentures) are noted among dentists for being the most hygienic and strong. They are also thinner and more streamlined than their acrylic counterparts but still possess excellent grip qualities. Please call us now for a free, first consultation and we will be happy to discuss your options.

Denture Clinic copy dentures

Copy dentures

The Denture Clinic has it’s own state of the art laboratory on the premises and its the technical staff to support our denture provision service. If your existing dentures don’t fit properly, but you are happy with the shape and size of your teeth then we can use this as a guide to hand-craft a brand new prosthetic.

Denture Clinic immediate dentures

Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are exactly what they suggest and can be fitted immediately after surgery to remove failing teeth. The preparation process involves a skilled clinical assessment of your mouth and collaboration between our Practice Principal Steven Burchell DipCDT RCS(Eng) and one of our dentists.

Denture Clinic denture relines

Denture relines

In the normal course of ageing, gums change shape and the bone in our jaws erodes. Because our DNA differs some are more predisposed to the problem than others, but for denture wearers it can create trouble. Denture Clinic offers both soft and hard relines as solutions to re-establishing a correct fit.

Denture Clinic denture stabilisation

Denture stabilisation

Stabilising slipping dentures improves chewing, speech, enhances appearance, increases confidence and provides a greater degree of comfort. There are a number of therapies we can apply for a solution but need you to book a complimentary first consultation so we can take a look and suggest answers.

Denture Clinic same day denture repairs

Same day repairs

We offer a within-the-hour repair service and patients can wait in a private room while our technicians work their magic. Denture Clinic is big on preserving dignity and understands you need your false teeth back as soon as possible. In trouble? Just call us now and we’ll do all we can to help you smile again.

Denture Clinic denture care

Denture care

It doesn’t get much more simple, to keep your dentures in good condition remember to brush, soak and brush again. You can find tips on denture care on our website, but we’re always happy to give advice face to face. Our lab also provides a deep cleansing service where dentures are machine cleaned.

Denture Clinic dental sedation

Dental sedation

For anxious patients requiring help to overcome their fear of the dentist, the Denture Clinic offers intravenous sedation, sometimes referred to as conscious sedation. Treatment enables a pain-free, relaxing, experience where, for the majority, even the short-term memory of the event is all but erased.

Denture Clinic referring dentists

Referring dentists

The Denture Clinic is committed to providing a reliable referral service for dentists to enhance their patients’ care. Our policy is to collaborate closely with dental professionals who wish to use this service and undertake to return patients on completion of treatment under the conditions of our Referral Charter.