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We are passionate about dentures, so welcome to our Denture Clinic blog that looks at how they work, the way they look and the life-changing differences good prosthetics combined with clever dentistry can achieve.

With these Denture Clinic articles, we’ll also aim to deal with the hot topics, the breaking news of dental profession advances and the everyday things that can help denture wearers get the best out of the teeth we make.

Blogging is a great opportunity to help us break the false teeth taboo that has existed for generations. Of course, we understand the delicate nature of this subject, but advances in dental materials, production methods and the powerful synergy that now exist between dentures and implant dentistry desperately need as big a public platform as we can build.

We want to inspire and educate and perhaps bring a message of hope for those whose experience with dentures has never been a good one.

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